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About you

You want to eat yummy food from your garden.

You want a garden that suits your lifestyle, your family and makes you feel good.

You like to do a little bit of gardening but you don't want it to be a chore.


We would love to help you

Whether you are starting with bare sand or your garden is overgrown with good intentions, we will work with you to create a garden that matches you.

Our approach starts by having a chat in your garden space to help you and us understand what you want your garden to be for you.

We understand that your garden is about you

You might want flowers or natives, a little herb patch or a productive kitchen garden.

You might like some garden sculptures, a swing, a water feature or some sexy lighting.

You might use your garden in the morning and evening, or you might be at home during the day.

We have a good look at what you have to work with, and do what is needed to improve your soil, irrigation, plant your selection with care and love and finally put on the finishing touches.

About us

We do two simple things

Organic landscapes & kitchen gardens

1. We design & build gardens & landscapes using organics wherever possible.

2. We design and build gardens that you can eat.

Sometimes its one or the other, sometimes its both together.

Our philosophy is that gardens should be a place of beauty, production and reflection, the whole garden and element within it reflecting the personality of its owners.

Whether you are starting with bare sand or overgrown with good intentions, we will work with you to create a solution that lets you get the most from your garden.

Our approach starts by having a chat in your garden space to help you and us understand what you want your garden to do for you. We do a plan and timeline to get us there. We have a good look at what you have to work with, improve the soil, get the irrigation right, match plants to your preferences and finally add finishing touches to put a bit of you into your garden.

We love to eat from our own garden and and would love to help you introduce some edible plants to your garden, from a single feature fruit tree right through to a productive kitchen garden.

Our preference is always for an organic solution, both in method and product.

We source the finest organics from local suppliers, building a rich living soil that will be a friendly home for your plants for years to come.

We love to build new gardens, from experience we know it takes time to build a great garden, from getting the soil right, careful design, plant selection to get the finish just right. To maintain our service we can generally complete two projects a month.

Ongoing care

We offer both monthly and seasonal care visits, half or full day, and offer a comprehensive range of garden care and improvement services.

We have a limited number of visits available each fortnight and would be pleased to meet and discuss your needs.

Sir Digsalot

Hard to believe that its been 3 years already since Morgan became Sir Digsalot.

We have designed and built some wonderful gardens, nursed many gardens back to health, helped people make their gardening easier, and made some new friends along the way.

We are pleased to have introduced many people to the joy of eating from their gardens, and we have focused our business growth on organic landscapes and kitchen gardens. We are especially excited about our new Magical micro gardens.


We would love to hear from you


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Micro gardens
Magical micro gardens

Magical micro gardens

Hot n spicy

Hot n spicy

Leafy green salad

Leafy green salad

Super foods

Super foods

Mediterranean holiday

Mediterranean holiday

Early knock off

Early knock off

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A bit thorny

A bit fruity

A bit fruity

Birdies Birdies garden products

Compost tea

Our very own special organic plant tonic, brewed with wonderful things for your lawn, garden, edibles and ornamentals.

We use a starter of wonderful organic compost, add certified organic liquid fish and seaweed, apply our secret process overnight to multiply the biologicals into the billions, and then bottle it for ease of application by hose, or you can mix it in your watering can as you prefer.

What makes our Compost tea different from the commonly known liquid fertilisers is that our Compost tea is full of life, full of the living  microbiology that helps to build a rich and vibrant soil.

Its made using good locally sourced certified organic inputs, and will get you one step closer to  can say goodbye to nasty chemicals that leach into our waterways and our wonderful bay.

Demand is high and supply limited, so make sure you get your orders into avoid disappointment.


$20- for a 2Lt bottle.

Recommended usage:

  • Watering cans-dilute 1 cup (250ml) in a 10Lt watering can, apply to each plant once a month.
  • Lawns & garden beds use a 2Lt hose pack once a month over 100 square metres.
  • Try to use it all up on the day you bring it home. It is a living brew full of life and good stuff for your garden, and because its alive, it doesn't store well.
  • We recommend gloves, goggles and and a mask, but we know most of you wont pay attention to this line anyway, so as a minimum try not to get it in your eyes, up your nose or in your mouth and wash your hands when you finish.
  • To order your Organic Compost Tea, just send us an email from the 'contact' page
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